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Remarkable Penthouse Design With Swedish Elements and Modern Feel

Contemporary Swedish penthouses such as this one have a very personal and friendly feel to them. This particular penthouse is having 22 sq meter sun terrace and balconies that create a huge sense of space. Sun rays that filter through the French windows seem to be complimenting the décor of the beautiful living room, a dining hall, a study room and two bedrooms. Keeping up with the Swedish manner of living, the penthouse has a vintage fireplace, typical sliding doors for dividing and demarking areas, an marvelous color palate using a lot of white and fashionable furniture including cabinets, partitions and closets. The Swedish penthouse is very inviting and welcoming to any visitor.

The décor of this penthouse is appealing and you would not feel out of place in this cozy penthouse. The huge living room houses a fabulous library. That uses up an entire wall and over the partition door between the living room and dining room. There is enough sitting space in this living room but there is no cluttering. The transparent white curtains add a soft and serene feature to this apartment. Lovely large windows that open in the balcony let natural light enter the house and there is a fresh feel about it. The dining space is equally glamorous and spacious. There is another huge library in the dining room too showing off the collection of great books and the owner’s interest in reading. The eight sitter dining table sits pretty on a mauve rug that adds color and zing to the dining room. This simply functional dining room has large windows and grey and white curtains making it an interesting thing to look at. You can enjoy the view outside from this incredible pent house from many parts of this house. The bedrooms are equally simple keeping in tune with the Swedish décor and beautiful paintings done by children in the house adorn the bedroom walls. White bedcover, carpeting and curtains along with the white walls create a soothing environment which is good for inducing sleep. The kitchen is trendy yet very traditional in its approach. Large windows in the kitchen allow light to enter during the day making the green décor in the kitchen very lively. And by the night the day light gives way to an aerial view of night life. There is a small circular kitchen table teamed with a lovely lamp on top of the table. The kitchen has all the necessary kitchen equipments and appliances.

Swedish Apartment With Modern Interiors Living Room


Swedish Penthouse Apartment With Modern Interiors Wall Hangings


Swedish Apartment With Modern Interiors Wall Mounted Bookshelf


Swedish Apartment With Modern Interiors White Couch


Swedish Apartment With Modern Interiors Dining Room

swedish-penthouse-apartment-with-modern-interiors-dining room

Swedish Apartment With Modern Interiors Kitchen Breakfast Table


Swedish Apartment With Modern Interiors TVRoom


Swedish Apartment With Modern Interiors Bedroom