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Unique Portuguese Home with Rustic Details and Modern Decor

This unique Portuguese house is an amazing site. Rustic details add a delightful feel to any apartment and create a friendly and alluring place to spend time. This traditional home designed by Marta Espregueira Mendes and found on Casa Tres Chic. With a breathtakingly spacious living space opening towards an original kitchen, a large hallway that gives a great open are and large glass doors and windows at both sides of the living room giving way to natural light throughout the day, and the view of natural surroundings during the night. This amazingly large living room is done very tastefully; it is a great amalgamation of old and new. The sofa set is very modern and comfortable; the beige color of the sofa is complimented well with bright red cushions. The most interesting part of this living room d├ęcor is the beautiful depiction of rustic details here and there. For instance the centre table and the old boxes placed in the living room create a very dramatic feel. They add an interesting flavor and the stone walls look stunning in this house.
The splashes of color which enriches this house and the daring contemporary textures contrast the conventional textures present a very beautiful and breathtaking view. The furniture is diverse and exquisite, Wood and stone are natural elements used both indoors and outdoors, with a great aesthetic effect. The outdoor sitting area is done in a very natural surrounding with the garden right across the sitting area. You can enjoy the sun while you unwind here with the family members.

The garden in front of the house provides a great place for kids to play. The spacious openness of this house is very appealing. The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom too use a perfect balance of stone and wood to create some unique and fashionable setting. The hat hanger in the lobby creates a beautiful exotic ambiance and a lovely stone wall reminding us that this modern house is well balanced with traditional settings. The rustic wooden logs used to decorate the kitchen create a very nice natural feel. The pots hanger in the kitchen is very traditional. Yet you would find all necessary kitchen appliances in this totally traditional kitchen. This old Portugal house is a great inspiration for those who would like to try out something new and yet do it in a unique way.

Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor


Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor Lobby


Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor Spacious Living Room


Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor Kitchen


Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor Corridor


Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor Kids Room


Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor Bathroom


Rustic Apartment Design With Modern Decor Outdoor Sitting