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Stylish And Contemporary Loft Design Interiors

A great interior design option for your home with a loft would be to decorate it in the contemporary and modern style. A loft that gets loads of natural sunlight and has a beautifully done living gallery space is very beautiful and calming. This loft design is a work of timeless architecture and contemporary look. The lavish and classy living pad is inviting and provokes stylized living. The openness and display of the surfaces in the most artistic way steels your heart. The interior staircase is an artistic focal point and transition from the more public to the more private areas. Again the stairs are done in a distinct way, with nice combination of natural wooden stairs and transparent glass side walls. There are a lot of other natural materials around the loft including a truly amazing marble bathroom area. The house is designed in a very stylish and distinctive fashion yet is very soft and comfortable for any one. The whole house has a wonderful simplicity, and class to it that makes it stand out totally and is distinct in its own very stylish way.

The black and white combination of the living room furniture is complemented with the white and black pictures on the wall under the loft. The glass wall and ceiling let the light come in the most beautiful and natural way. The frosted glass sliding gives you the required privacy yet gives a very open and fresh look to the whole loft house. The decor and fittings in the entire house are simple yet elegant. They render simplicity and luxury at the same time. For example the kitchen is simple in beige color and gives a clean and classy look. The faucet is simple and functional giving the whole idea of elegance in simplicity. The bedroom in the loft overlooks almost all parts of the house making it a unique living experience. An immensely private and beautiful bedroom decor is again very simple and down to earth.

The bathroom decor is simple and yet the flower pot and clean white washbasin with the dark oak storage cabinets make the whole bathroom very appealing. The shower enclosure and partitions within the bathroom are simple and clear. The amazing simplicity of the entire loft house is something that attracts someone in the first look itself. The beauty of the loft is increased manifolds when the lighting is proper and intelligently done.

Loft Design With A Cool Staircase Living Room


Loft Design With A Cool Staircase Passage


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Loft Design With A Cool Staircase


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Loft Design With A Cool Staircase Wash Basin


Loft Design With A Cool Staircase Bathroom