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Innovative And Stylish Home Interiors

If living in style is your approach here is something that is bound to entice you. This duplex apartment has total area of 160 sq.m. and designed in very creative and personal technique. The first floor features the entrance, bar, living room and bedroom. The bedroom and the living room both are facing the large windows to the urban landscape. The interior designed to express the nature of the owner of the apartment. Colorful paving consist of random tiles provides a significant contribution to the design. A lot of retro furniture and accessories are used all around the duplex. The house is vibrant as each part if it is boasting with a lot of color; you will not feel an ounce of boredom while you are in this house. The amalgamation of the colors gives a very positive and happy feel to the house and hence this house consists of a very positive aura. The friendliness of the person who owns this duplex apartment can be experienced in the openness of the décor.

The work room is situated at the second floor where the owner could get by custom made wooden staircase. Come to the work room is like a ceremony because there is a long corridor before it. The room made with the spirit of Irish pub and colored in a deep murky green. Entire apartment shows that its designer is new to that. There aren’t any well known furniture brands used anywhere. Using of recycled materials just a bit of originality to the overall impression from the interior. The personal touch added almost everywhere in the house makes it a friendly and incredibly simple house. You will not feel like you are in a designer house and clearly there is no specific code of conduct while you are in here. The most beautiful view you can get from this apartment is from the dining room window. The breathtaking view of the city gives a great sense of belonging.

The furniture and furnishings all are done in the retro look and hence gives a very youthful, welcoming feature. The bedroom is equally stylish with a circular design, beautiful lighting and extremely innovative sense of style as the bathtub and the wash basin find a place in the corner of the bedroom itself. It also gives a sense of freedom as well as romance. The curtains are kept light and colorful so that you get a fleeting glimpse of natural light through them. You can incorporate some or many of these outstanding features of this beautiful house into your life and enjoy their beauty.

Big Apartment With Creative Interior Living Room


Big Apartment With Creative Interior Staircases Workstation


Big Apartment With Creative Interior Lobby


Big Apartment With Creative Interior Kitchen


Big Apartment With Creative Interior Dining With A View


Big Apartment With Creative Interior Bedroom


Big Apartment With Creative Interior Stylish Washbasin