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Gorgeous Gardens – In Backyard And Rooftop

All of us want to go back to nature to feel rejuvenated and rested after a hard day’s work in the office or various work or home related stress and strain. Getting in touch with a piece of natural beauty is very effective therapy to get rid of day to day hassle. Spending some time in garden with just greenery around you is a great mood enhancer.

Traditionally gardens are outdoor features if they are large sized. Front or back yard gardens, porch gardens and terrace gardens are small areas of greenery and flowering plants and shrubs – either in pots, containers or planters or sometimes, sand beds are created specially to plant such gardens. Vertical gardens are the latest craze that is taking residential and commercial places by storm.

Roof top gardens are now getting more popular as more people are realizing the importance of having a patch of lawn and greenery around them. These are decorative in nature but help in controlling the temperature under them inside the building. Some of the roof top gardens include herbal corners and a fruits/veggie patches.
The architectural aspects make the terrace and roof top garden an additional decorative feature that can be unique and quite distinguished. Here you can see images of roof gardens and yard garden around some flats in New York. With some trees and a stretch of cool green grass, the ground level garden looks great, whereas the plants in holders and containers adorn the roof top garden.

Here you can see images of front yard green lawn and other trees in an apartment complex and some roof top greenery as well designed by Rees And Robert. Apartments in the complex get a ringside view of the front garden where lounger chairs are available for relaxing. A line of trees border the lush green lawn that makes a soothing picture amidst the busy city life.

Flooring to ceiling windows – almost wall-to-wall in size in the living rooms of all these apartments – also can have vistas of greenery through the clear glass windows. The roof garden looks extremely decorative with some chairs, sectionals, side tables and bistro table-stools etc. How nice to see that you can enjoy a barbecue also if you like on the roof top garden! Imagine how nice a view it will be on a hot summer’s day to view the lawn when you sit in your living room or in the adjacent balcony where also some outdoor seating furniture can be accommodated for more enjoyment!

Verdant Garden Greenery

Wonderful Rooftop Garden

Marvelous View From Interior

Loungers In Garden

Living Room Garden View

Flat View From Garden

Balcony View Backyard Garden

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