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Fabulous Flooring Design Ideas For Glamorous Homes

Flooring is as important to interior décor as walls are. There are choices galore in floorings – in their style, material, texture and color. Whether they are tiled flooring, wooden flooring or wall-to-wall carpeted flooring, they add greatly to the beauty of the house. They add character to the room and make the room look warm, cool, bright, lovely or plush and opulent. How will you choose the flooring for your home? Do you think you may like a different flooring for each room – like one for living room, a different one for master bedroom and yet another one for your kids room? Actually if you are not under too tight a budget, you can customize the floorings of each room to suit the way you use the room and to suit the persons using the room.

Even within budget, today there are multitudes of options that are available. Engineered wood can look and feel as good as hardwood flooring; marble/granite finish tile can look even better and prettier than original marble or granite. Today for people who want green and sustainable flooring solutions, bamboo, cork and recycled glass/leather tiles are available. When nothing can match the classic elegance and quiet luxury of hardwood floor, it is getting costlier due to the dwindling natural hardwood forests all over the world. Oak, cherry, maple, teak, rosewood – these exude an air of elegant beauty and loveliness. They last for a lifetime but they do need care and attention to maintain their natural glory and beauty.

Engineered wooden floorings are as good today to look at as hardwood floorings. They are layers of wood with the top ply resembling finishes like hardwood, in look, style and color. Actually they can look more perfect with perfectly matched stains, knots, mineral streaks, growth rings and grain than the original hardwood. As for aesthetics concerned, engineered wood can almost beat the natural wood in looks every time. Laminate floorings can be the choice if you have a tight budget. It can reproduce any finish you want for your home. It can give a wide variety of finishes and styles. It is also quite easy to maintain and it is waterproof, stain proof and today they come hardy with treatments against warping and buckling too.

Here are some images of kinds of wooden floorings from Armstrong from which you can select for your favorite for your home. The floorings are paired either in contrast or in similar finishes. Check for your favorite!

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