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Feminine and Glamorous Bedroom Design

This romantic bedroom surely belongs to somebody who is a total romantic at heart. Designed by Altamoda who are famous for designing magnificent and stylish furniture for your home, this particular collection stands out. The entire range of furniture featured here is striking and quite stylish. The entire décor of the house has a glamorous appeal that is astounding and mysterious too. Designers have done up this place with all striking colors and beautiful shapes. Thanks to the modern and crazy approach the bedroom has a quite unusual décor; a beautiful bathtub is placed right in one corner of the bedroom which is quite interesting. The focus of the bedroom is of course the lovely round bed and the décor is feminine. You will see a careful mix of white, blue and purple, another highlight is the amalgamation of textures. The entire room has soft furry carpeting which is contrasted well with the circular bed that has a royal headboard which boasts a collection of Swarovski crystals. The flower theme runs all over the room, from the patterns on cushion covers, side table or even the bathtub. Giving accent to the décor are the light fixtures which are anything but simple.

The entire backdrop of the room is white and all the colors spread across the room in various elements spread beautifully. The lovely floral paintings adorn one wall and the violet side table with white floral handles and silver legs is providing a great storage space.
The floral stools are unusual and feminine that goes very well with the entire room’s décor. The open bath theme is interesting and the huge mirror on that section of the wall is lovely. This section of the room is having dark wooden flooring which is again very warm and friendly thanks to the color and design present in the rest of the room. The large mirror is complimented with a white border that actually is providing storage for lots of toiletries and accessories. You would not know it until you see it open. The large windows and doors with glass panels provide enough light into the bedroom during the day time and you can enjoy the view outside when the sun is down. If you are ready to get a little wild and imaginative you can have your bedroom turned into something as stylish or even more with your own intuitions and the design elements shown here.

Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda Circular Bed


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda Bright Dresser


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda Colorful Wall Decor


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda Drawer


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda Lavish Design


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda Open Bath


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda Wardrobe


Glamour Bedroom Design By Altamoda With Black Flooring