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Traditional Swedish Apartment with Modern Inputs


Having a home that is traditional as well as modern in its approach is something that is extremely functional. We all want a home that looks beautiful but has all the modern elements to it. And why not want something that is attainable. Here is one such sample for you, take a look at this gorgeous house and you would find it difficult to differentiate between modern and traditional. In between the traces of traditional design the modern elements are incorporated in this house. Extremely stylish steel appliances in the kitchen are absolutely chic! White the contemporary tile and fashionable showers in the bathroom look extremely stylish. The kitchen is very functional indicating the home owner’s love for entertaining guests.
The chandelier in the living room and dining room are expensive and stunning.

The beauty of the living room is enhanced further by the use of beautiful wall hangings and paintings that are teamed with the red couch. The stylish green lamp shades help add color and the single seaters in white and white printed upholstery look extremely classy. The wooden flooring in this house is topped up with fabulous traditional carpet. And a simple centre table of oval shape. At the other side of the living room is a vibrant entertainment zone. The furniture here is even more relaxing than the living room furniture. The bathroom is stunning! You would feel extremely comfortable and star like once you enter this fancy bathroom. The shower enclosure, bathtub, wash basins etc. are very glamorous and classy. The lighting in the bathroom adds to the glamour and the flooring in black and white checks gives a perfect base in the bathroom.

In addition the dining area has a white cabinet-covered wall that have a counter top which can be used as a server. The formal setting of the dining room is fantastic. The table top is smooth and luscious. The large eight chair table is complimented well with a stunning chandelier. The carpet under the table is classy and traditional. The beautiful art pieces are adding a beautiful artistic feel to this lovely high ceiling dining room. The wooden flooring all over the house gives a rich feel. Keeping up with the charm of this modern yet traditional Swedish home would not be such an affordable thing. It costs quite high! But keeping in mind the comfort and royal feel you receive in this home you would definitely want to buy in anyway!

Traditional Swedish Apartment Red Couch
traditional swedish apartment red couch

Traditional Swedish Apartment Living Room
traditional swedish apartment living room

Traditional Swedish Apartment Sliding Doors
traditional swedish apartment sliding doors

Traditional Swedish Apartment Entertainment Zone
traditional swedish apartment entertainment zone

Traditional Swedish Apartment Dining Room
traditional swedish apartment dining room

Traditional Swedish Apartment Kitchen
traditional swedish apartment kitchen

Traditional Swedish Apartment Kitchen Counter
traditional swedish apartment kitchen counter

Traditional Swedish Apartment Stylish Bathroom
traditional swedish apartment stylish bathroom

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