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A Realistic Design Style for Your Home

Here is a beautiful home that cashes on a perfect mix of family treasures, selected pieces of furniture from the stores and a great amount of accessories picked up from various locations. This extremely refreshing mix is what you call the electric mix. The whole interior looks stunning with the help of all these mixed items to create something that is not in your face or too loud. The arrangement of furniture, the flooring and furnishings everything is done with a sense of style so that there is neither monotonous nor over-powering.

Electric Style Living Room

Electric Style Staircase Gallery

The house is great for its overall look is sensible and very functional. The family living room is functional as well as modern. There is enough space to display the collectibles and books that the family is really fond of. Such displays are actually the character of the room. They show off the likes and dislikes of the family members and speak a lot about their personalities. The family room has a fireplace which helps keep warm in winters. And the television too so that the family can watch their favorite shows together. The décor here is extremely simple yet very chic. The furniture designs are modern and classy.

Electric Style Open Plan Kitchen Design

Electric Style Landscape Garden

The windows made of glass cover an entire wall hence giving the room a good dose of natural light. Although the family room is mostly white the wooden flooring, wooden center table and the side table break the monotony of white

Electric Style Family Entertainment Room

The living room has a white couch teamed up with contrast mustard color leather chair and a plain wooden top table with iron legs. The wall contains many family moments captured in the form of pictures and carefully framed and displayed. That is the USP of this room, gives you a feel of what people in this house are like, how affectionate they are. The side table here is made of a wooden log which is polished and placed next to the couch.

Electric Style Corner Sitting Wooden Table

Electric Style Bright Sliding Door

The open plan kitchen in grey and while along overlooks the family room and allows the house owner or the lady of the house to interact with the family and friends while the food is still being cooked. The staircases also have a large number of picture frames depicting a lot of family moments.
The cozy sitting booth showed at the corner is a great place to do some work while you are with everyone in the living room. This space gives you enough privacy yet you are amidst everyone. Light work that doesn’t require much of concentration can be done here.

Electric Style Bathroom Wash Basin

Electric Style Attic Bedroom

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