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Beautifully Designed Small Homes And Apartments


Designing a small home efficiently is a great challenge. When you have a large canvass, it can be easier to create living areas and bedrooms along with well planned utilities in an orderly and comfortable manner. The test is when you do not have enough space but you should extract the maximum advantage of the available space and make it look spacious and luxurious. Open type designs normally have no separate rooms for entertaining, dining or even kitchen. The bigger share of available area is marked for living and slightly smaller bedrooms are constructed for personal use. The large open living area needs to be cleverly designed with free flowing living dining and cooking areas seamlessly and smoothly.

Since the living area will be a large area, you need to add character to the room so that the area for particular activity is separate and well marked. It is a bad idea to take the dining area or furniture into the area that is earmarked for living and entertaining. Likewise, cooking area must be self-contained and well away from where the visitors are entertained.

Here you can see images of a beautifully designed home by Fertility Design. This is designed as an open type plan with a good size area for living needs and very comfortable sleeping areas and well designed and furnished utility areas. This home is made quite interesting with special features that add to the depth and character of the structure. White is used for upholstering the living room furniture as well bedroom set. The wall décor is also dominated by white making the home look very spacious and well lit. Flooring is also in white adding to the overall open spacious look. Wall supported media console and storage form part of the living room furniture adding more to the free flowing space.

Living room is kind of segregated into a home office by a L shaped counter that is used as credenza for computer and other writing needs which again has clean design lines and spare looking but ergonomically designed chairs. Beautifully designed dining table-chairs are in natural wood finish but sleekly lean and innovatively designed with matching looking stools that are used at the kitchen counter used for informal eating.

Bedroom looks pristine in white and very neatly done in with low platform bed and large-size open windows. Artificial and natural light flood the house making for beautiful and lit interiors.

Wonderful Home Office Area
Home Office Area

Stools and Dining Counters
Stools and Dining Counters

Prettily Furnished Dining Living Kitchen
Prettily Furnished Dining Living Kitchen

Open Plan for Living Area
Open Plan for Living Area

Fabulously Bedroom Décor
Fabulously Bedroom Décor

Efficiently Laid Out Living Area
Efficiently Living Area

Cute Looking Wall Supported Media Console
Wall Supported Media Console

Black Color Gorgeous Pendant Lights
Gorgeous Pendant Lights

Beautiful Dining Area with Cute Chairs
Beautiful Dining Area

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