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Incredibly Beautiful Duplex Penthouse Design with A Spectacular Roof top Swimming Pool


Everybody dreams of living in a huge mansion, but that doesn’t happen for everyone. This is not enough a reason to sit back and not dream of something big. If you cannot afford a mansion you can still afford to own an apartment which you can decorate in such a way that you do not miss the feeling of staying in a mansion. This is exactly what the home owners of this huge and beautiful penthouse apartment have done. They have not left a leaf unturned in ensuring that this penthouse looks much bigger than it actually is. The home is very tastefully done in mostly white and beige. These two colors add a lot of glamor and class to the décor. The interior is done specifically ensuring that comfort is high on the list of priorities. The living room is huge and has a lot of windows that allow abundance of natural light. Since it is a penthouse apartment there is no need to use any artificial light during the day. The very interesting part of the living room décor is the staircases that take you to the duplex library in the living room itself. This extremely novel décor idea manages to house a huge collection of books and display them in the living room itself. The chandelier in the living room in all crystals renders a beautiful classy ambiance.

The space under the staircases is very tactfully utilized and turned into a small home office with the fax machine and computer on the small work station. The living room opens up to a huge and equally stylish kitchen that is open and has all the necessary kitchen appliances to make the cooking experience a fantastic one each time. There is a small breakfast table too in the kitchen area that allows you a quick meal. The dining room looks fabulous with wooden flooring that matches the huge dining table and the chairs that accompany the table are again ensuring that the comfort and style collectively make the eating experience enjoyable. There are a number of windows at all sides of this fabulous penthouse apartment that not only gives you the loveliest view but also keeps the air circulation going and keeps the ambiance of this house fresh and inviting. The bedrooms are spacious and the large roof-top-swimming pool is an experience in itself.

Duplex Penthouse Dining Space
duplex penthouse dining space

Duplex Penthouse Exquisite Design
duplex penthouse exquisite design

Duplex Penthouse Great Patio Design
duplex penthouse great patio design

Duplex Penthouse Huge Open Kitchen
duplex penthouse huge open kitchen

Duplex Penthouse Living Room Decor
duplex penthouse living room decor

Duplex Penthouse Pool View
duplex penthouse pool view

Duplex Penthouse Stunning View
duplex penthouse stunning view

Duplex Penthouse Serene Bedroom
duplex penthouse serene bedroom

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