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Interesting Home Decor In Sri Lanka

Here is a beautiful home in Sri Lanka designed by architect Channa Horobuwa. The design of this incredibly distinguished home is personalized to a fabulous level ensuring comfort and soothing ambiance. You can experience the freshness and a very homely sense in this house. This minimalist home is extremely modern and is designed for a family of five. Having four bedrooms this three story house is impressive from every angle. The ground floor is populated with the living room, dining space y and kitchen while all the bedrooms are located at the higher floors of this house. There is a beautiful garden space right opposite the living space. This garden is well maintained with beautiful carpet grass that adds so much value to the house. This entire house is painted with white from interior as well as exteriors. The flooring is marble and timber and it creates a wonderful appeal with the graceful furniture that adds color and texture variation to the house. The most stunning facet about this house is the staircase with floating steel and timber.

The minimalist décor of this house is beautiful and simplistic. Everything is just bare minimal that gives the house its comfortable feel. The most attractive feature of this house the staircases are absolutely breathtaking. The open kitchen with the dining space looks simply stylish and simple. The décor of the house tells us a lot about the home owner’s personality and taste which is quite down to earth and uncomplicated. There is no unnecessary furniture in this house that might seem like cluttering the place.
The simplicity of this house is absolutely amazing. There is nothing which seems to be over the top or jazzy. The house speaks volumes about comfort and style. The subdued use of stylish furniture and lighting makes this house stand out from the rest. The flooring and walls have been kept extremely simple and plain. The lounge in the living room is very stylish and attractive. A single seater in colorful upholstery really complements the black lounge. But again it is not too bright or loud, that is the beauty of the interior decoration in this house. The gorgeous staircases allow a level of openness in the home design. It also connects each floor of this house in an interesting and dramatic way. The open kitchen and dining table at the other side of the stairs balances the living space well. The bedrooms and bathrooms are equally simple and elegant.

Chamila Samarakkodi Home Outer Elevation


Chamila Samarakkodi Home Living Space


Chamila Samarakkodi Home Stylish Staircases


Chamila Samarakkodi Home Dining Space


Chamila Samarakkodi Home Comfy Bedroom


Chamila Samarakkodi Home Bedroom


Chamila Samarakkodi Home Bathroom